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Male Menopause

formenMenopause for men, you might ask? Unfortunately, yes! Andropause – the male menopause – is more gradual than that experienced by women, but it is just as real. It often starts as early as age 35. Because it is so gradual, men often reach their mid-forties before they are even noticing some of the signs and symptoms.

Andropause, like menopause, is caused by a decline in hormones. (Primarily testosterone and the secondarily growth hormone, along with DHEA) On the average, a man’s testosterone level begins to decline at a rate of 1% per year after age 40. It is estimated that 20% of men aged 60 to 80 years have levels below the lower limit of normal. The diagnosis of low testosterone levels is based on the presence of signs or symptoms and must be confirmed by laboratory testing. The extent to which declining hormone levels cause men to age is dependent on lifestyle issues of diet, exercise and stress.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is only recommended for men whose testosterone levels are low. Your physician prior to the initiation of treatment should perform screening for parameters related to potential risks of androgen therapy. Once your physician has approved testosterone therapy and a written prescription for testosterone has been received, Martin Avenue Pharmacy’s compounding pharmacists can use Testosterone USP to compound numerous dosage forms. These dosage forms include transdermal (topical), sublingual, or intramuscularly.

Variety of Signs and Symptoms:

• Weakness
• Reduced Libido
• Atherosclerosis
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Low Sperm Counts
• Reduced Muscle Mass
• Reduced Cognitive Function
• Fatigue
• Osteoporosis
• Irritability
• Slow Wound Healing
• Depression
• Memory impairment
• Disturbed Sleep
• Heart Disease
• Insomnia
• Prostate Problems
• Anxiety
• Impaired Blood Cell Formation

In most cases there is a simple, effective and painless treatment. It is called hormone replacement therapy. To learn more about this topic please stop by our pharmacy to pick up free information or call 630-355-6400 to schedule a private consultation with our head pharmacist, Thomas Marks.


A healthy lifestyle has been shown to be associated with higher hormone levels, and higher hormone levels seem to induce a more active, healthier lifestyle. When hormone levels decline, a person becomes less active and gain weight. As this weight gain occurs, hormones are stored in the fat and become unavailable to meet the body’s demands. Also, a lack of exercise, excessive alcohol use and many diseases can reduce bio-available hormone levels. For optimal results, it is vital that hormone replacement therapy be combined with exercise, proper nutrition and appropriate use of natural supplements.

Goals of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Adult Men (50 yrs or older)

• Improvement in psychological well-being and mood
• Improvement in erectile dysfunction
• Improvement in libido
• Increased muscle mass
• Increased strength and stature
• Preservation of bone mass
• Decrease in Cardiovascular risk

Testosterone replacement can also improve osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and depression.