Info for Women

forwomenWhat does “Natural Hormone” mean? The term “natural” is confusing when it’s used in connection with hormones. When this site talks about natural hormones, it is referring to the molecules that make up the structure of the hormone. A natural hormone has a chemical structure naturally produced by the body. It does not mean that it comes from a horse, a chicken or even a tree. The important thing to remember is that for a hormone to be considered natural, its structure must replicate exactly the structure of hormones your body produces.

A synthetic hormone, on the other hand, may have a structure similar to, but not exactly the same as a hormone produced by your body. These chemical differences can mean that the synthetic hormone acts differently in your body and produce substantially different effects.

If you are currently on or considering the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and you think individualized HRT makes more sense than a one-size fits all approach, then please come in our pharmacy to receive free information or call (630-355-6400) to schedule a private consultation with our head pharmacist, Thomas Marks.

With an individualized approach to hormone therapy, you can know exactly what your hormone levels are and choose the ideal replacement protocol to bring your hormones back to their proper balance.